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This rock star in a jar is a state of the art cream based product that is designed to give those who do not want to use harsh chemicals, dyes, developers, bleaches, and rinses that may not show up once it is applied, the vibrant color they have always wanted on dark and or light hair.


  • Covers dark and or light hair

  • Washes out in 1 wash session

  • Reapply daily to boost the color without fear of hair damage.

  • Mix the colors to get the desired funky unique color you’d like.

  • Does not flake off like chalk nor make your hair hard.

  • CHEMICAL FREE! No harm... Just electric colors!


Lasts 3 to 5 days or can be washed out completely in 1 day if so desired. No rinsing or blow drying needed to obtain desired color. Just put it on and go!


**Wear a bonnet/durag at night to protect pillows


Available sizes:  1oz

Ingredients: Cera alba (beeswax), Petro Jelly, and Color pigment.



With so many colors, You're bound to find something you like.  Send a message to us via our Contact page if you want a color but it isn't in the store.  We'll get it in stock in no time!!

Fyah Red

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